Julya's collection

All four of my short horror stories collection throughout the years.
I still have a lot of short stories waiting to get out of my system but
I’m hoping to complete at least one novel by next year.

Them Horrors be Everywhere

Read the writeup about the launch by Daily Seni.

#GTLF2016: FIXI serves up bestselling transgendered Malaysian authors at double launch

Book Launch at GTLF 27th Nov 2016

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Scribble

Regina and I doing it for the third time for the third consecutive year.
She launched Delima and I launched Them Horrors be Everywhere.
It ended with a wonderful performance by Joe & Tina for one of my stories:
The Amulet around the neck of a headless victim.

Come join me to celebrate my third short horror stories collection with Fixi Novo. This completes the Triptych of Terror with Here be Nightmares, There be Monsters, Them Horrors be Everywhere.

Thanking all the editors who helped cleaned, spiced or fine-tuned them stories. And especially Amir for making it real.



My babies are here. Gets me every time.


Going back to hibernate. Done with my Halloween feeding.
If I didn’t get you this time around, I’m coming back for you next year.



The beginning part of the story is based on real experiences right up to the point of feeling exhausted every morning when she woke. Doesn’t it make you wonder if you just woke up from a battle sometimes? What really goes on with us every night when we go to sleep? Could we merely be collateral damage in the war of the worlds?