I find it strange how we can so easily justify the things in all aspects of our life. This is one of the scenarios where the grapes are sour anyway. It was written as a dialogue only piece but was modified a little for this collection. It was originally entitled Fat Boys but I changed it to sound more like Connie Francis’s song Where the boys are which seemed appropriate.



I was preparing to write this strange horror tale for the Hungry in Ipoh anthology but it grew beyond the word count and matured into what it is here. A delectable foodie horror with a nasty taste of the bizarre.

Mini dinosaur bone

Posted: August 6, 2016 in Fiddle
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Lizard carcass

Some days you just find the greatest discovery.



This story is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry. Although it is nothing like a black comedy I was curious to know how one can dispose of a body the best way possible. To make it worse what if the body keeps coming back?

A shorter version of this story was printed in the Chimeraworld #5 in 2008 but now it has a more conclusive ending rewritten for this collection.



One of the most common places for a horror story to occur is up in the attic or down in the basement since they can be creepy as hell. It’s like every horror writer’s dream come true to stage their tale of terror in this location at least once in their writing endeavors.

Occasionally birds do find their way into those parts of the house to nest and breed. But when doves come in a bevy to fill the attic could it be a good omen or a harbinger of evil to come?


uncle zim

There be Monsters is the second short horror story collection of a triptych I plan to complete. Although it’s more or less about monsters it is also up to you to decide which the real ones are.

Starting off this collection is In the Wake of Uncle Zim. This story is in the same vein as Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart but with a little extra flavor and exaggeration. The rituals and bizarre superstitions in funeral wakes are enough to make one fear the unknown but none is as frightening as the thought that the dead might actually come back as the undead.