The smallest feather I have ever found.
And between the largest and smallest feather I have ever found.

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Started growing my own carrot and Edwin suggested
to make a diorama of it instead.

This is the Tokong Datuk Keramat Empat parade on 28th June, 2015.
One of the highlights of Taiping town.


How illusions are created.



There can only be one way to enjoy this wonderfully written tale without getting dragged into its hell, in bright daylight and with company. Even then, you will feel the shivers.

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mamak detectives

I wanted to try writing an Armchair Detective tale and I was influenced by Baroness Orczy’s Old Man in the Corner. I thought it was fun just to have wannabe sleuths figuring out a crime from one of Malaysian’s most patronized places: the mamak stall, where all kinds of topics are discussed, debated, and proven.

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