My second feature film teaser & trailer




Fist of Dragon 2012 movie poster

One of my greatest script writing achievements, a feature film. An action kung fu movie that kickass. Released on Aug 4th 2011.



October 2010 – Still (Short Film directed by Mislina for HerStory Film Project)


July 5th 2010 – 13 episodes of Science Blast (Animated TV series by Mind Station)


My third TV movie shown on July 25th 2009. This action comedy was supposed to be a TV series but it ended up a movie instead.

My second TV movie which started out as an outline for a road trip comedy with four guys that was turned into a road trip horror with four girls. Since horror is my cuppa I enjoyed writing it although I had to work throughout my vacation at the hill resort. It was aired on May 1st 2009 though quite a fair bit of the script had been changed.

My first script for a TV movie shown on April 18th 2008. I could not believe how fast it got made from script to movie

2 thoughts on “Scripts”

  1. Okay, I am officially in complete awe. Little did I know I was a fan of someone whose accomplishments stretched so far across the creative universe! Is FIREFLY being released this month? I need a daily newsletter about your activities–does such a thing exist?!

    1. Hahhah Syd,

      You don’t have to be awed. My achievements are minimal to say the least. Firefly is a Chinese action comedy released only in South East Asia as far as I know. I went for the premiere, it’s not that great and has been revised a few versions since I last wrote it.

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