42. And the Sheep is Black

You are a child of ridicule,
You are made for laughs and jeers
That’s how they turn your life askew
So don’t expect them to calm your fears.

You fold your arms and sit alone
But they won’t leave you on your own.
When you come out of your world again
They’ll frighten you back inside with shame.

You’re not supposed to falter,
You’re not supposed to explain
Just be there without answers
Just stand there to be slain.

They ask you if you’re alright
But they claim that you are you all wrong.
Everything you do is with a fight
Cos they expect you to be strong.

They tell you – you have no mind,
Slighting you is all they know.
It takes a lot for them to be kind,
But I guess you reap what you sow.

41. Be what you can

If you can’t be an activist, be active
if you can’t be a producer, be productive
if you can’t be a creator, be creative
if you can’t be an innovator, be innovative
if you can’t be an inventor, be inventive
if you can’t be a sensor, be sensitive
if you can’t be an acceptor, be acceptive
if you can’t comprehend, be comprehensive
if you can’t be a preceptor, be perceptive
if you can’t be a giver, be a gift
to all and everyone but mostly to yourself.

40. Be Gentle on Yourself

I’ve been meaning to tell you this,
that you are okay, that you are fine.
You don’t need a reason, a nod or a wish
to be the person who’s always been on your mind.

Be gentle on yourself if no one will.
Take a little time off to imagine
that you can fly, or be crazy, be still,
be love, be beautiful, be anything.

Anyone can make you feel ashamed
but you know it will all be in vain.
They can even take away your pride and wealth
but always be gentle on yourself.

You don’t need to justify your life,
you don’t need to clarify your feelings,
you just have to know one thing to strive
and that is to trust your inner being.

Be gentle on yourself and be happy,
eat heartily and rest your jaded body.
All you need is a little laughter to unfold
and a good helping of love deep within your soul.

Be kind, be courageous,
be compassionate, be generous.
But most of all and above all else
be good, be true, be gentle on yourself.

39. Life is like a badly writtten script

Sometimes you may feel that your life
is like a badly written script.
The characters are wooden,
the plot is weak
and the dialogue is lame.
Everything just seems so wrong
right from the very start of Act 1.
There is no hook to keep you wanting more,
no inciting incident to make it go where it’s suppose to go
and no continuity to make it flow.
You know for a fact that you cannot sustain Act 2
because it sags like a tabby with 9 unborn litters.
There is no concrete elements,
no character development
and no moments to hold it together.
And to talk about Act 3 is a waste of time
since you couldn’t even handle the first two.
There is no climax to your story
and the conclusion leaves you with nothing more to desire.
No one wants to make a movie out of your script
because it is boring, it has no commercial value
and it sinks faster than the Titanic, the Poseidon
and the Lusitania tied together.
But then you realize a good script needs to be rewritten
over and over again, draft after draft
to tighten the plot, to give your characters life
and to make them speak from the heart.
And to do this you’ll have to sit down and think,
use a bit of your imagination,
fire up your creativity,
envision the entire story from the beginning
and focus on how you want it to end.
You have to fill in the emptiness with adventures,
with inspiring persistence through tragedies
and lock down action sequences with romantic ones.
But most of all you have to answer
all the questions that had been asked.
And then there is the catharsis, the closure, the ending
that would have to make sense
and not just a hit and run finish.
If you need to rewrite it a hundred times to make it better
then you would have to do it a hundred times.
To take short cuts and cheat yourself
by imitating others,
copying someone else’s style,
or fool your audience
will bring nothing but total disaster.
And your script will be as good as
something dumped in the slush pile.
But if you believe in what you write
just as you believe that it is going to be good
you may yet have a hit in your hands.
Life could be a badly written script
when you start out with the outline and the treatment,
but you could also rewrite it
to suit the genre you prefer
and you could also conclude it
the way you picture it your heart.

38. A letter from your spirit

I want the best for you.
I want to see you through life
and be everything that you’ve ever wanted.
I want to be your path, your candle, your friend
who can show you the way
while keeping you company.
I want you to experience
the bitterness and sweetness
that will break you and make you
and I want to be there
to let you know
that it’s okay.
That in the end
nothing really matters
but your own personal journey.
I want you to know that fighting
for truth is better than
fighting for no reason at all.
I want you to appreciate
the stars in the night,
the clouds in the day,
and feel the breeze in your hair,
raindrops on your skin
and sunshine in your eyes.
I want you to listen
to the sounds of nature
and know that this is the kind of comfort
and peace you’ll need
in times of trouble,
in times of restlessness,
in times of duress.
But then,
these are what I want for you.
But if you choose not to want them
I can only wait
and hope
that one day you’ll hear
my voice.
That little voice that tells you
I am here,
I will always be here for you,
for I am the spirit
that will shelter you
from the storm,
carry you through pains and agonies,
and lift you from lies and deceits.
I am the spirit
in you that can make anything possible
and make dreams come true
if you would just believe in me.
If you would just
feel me.
If you would just close your eyes
and see me for who
I really am.

37. She’s The One
She takes the broom
and does her duty
sweeping off the the dust and dirt.
Everyday without fail
she gathers the filth of others
and work her way from floor to floor,
door to door to make sure
their dirty shoes are stepping
on the pristine ground.
With little or no education
she feels this is all
she is cut out to be,
all she is good for.
She flushes the toilets
other people mess up
and she scrubs the excreta
they leave behind.
Sometimes, someone greets her,
sometimes no one know
she’s there.
Everyone assumes she’s there
to keep it all in order
so they could soil them again
without being responsible
so they could spend more time
making sense of something
they are paid to do.
But she is someone’s daughter,
she is someone’s sister,
she is someone’s mother,
yet most times,
she is treated like a stranger
who is expected
to be the simple woman
that she is.
36. If It Was
If life was any drearier
I’d never go to sleep,
if love was any sweeter
I’d never again weep.
If friendship could go on forever
I’d never have to trip,
If death is but a stranger
there is nothing I would keep.
35. Spice Of My Life
Cardamon is my lover,
paprika is my friend,
red chilli burns my soul,
I am a woman in need of a man.
I dream of cumin in my hair,
he comes to add star anise in my ears.
I fall into a pit of cinammon
and roll with him in ginger and lemon.
We cool in the showers of mustard seeds,
and embrace as the cloves drizzle on our heads.
The taste of mint leaves in our mouths
and the kiss of honey lays us down to bed.
My skin is swathed with olive oil,
tumeric powder and peppercorns.
My flesh is marinaded by his aroma,
as we embrace in the love of saffron.
Nutmeg is my admirer,
fennel seed is my fan,
cayenne makes me whole
You make me what I am.
34. Holes
You’re like a hole in my head
when you talk too much,
and a hole in my heart
when you suddenly clamp up.
Once in a while you can be such an asshole,
and other times you make me feel like an ace in the hole.
We’re as corny as a keyhole and the key,
and as horny when you’re trying to unlock me.
We can argue ourselves into a sinkhole in the ground.
It doesn’t matter who’s digging
I just hate that awful sound.
We could be a square peg in a round hole,
on days when we get tired to have and to hold.
But on the lazy wintry nights
when there’s nothing better to do,
I like to cuddle up and hole up with you.
Our relationship is so full of holes,
everything we say or do slips away
faster than we can imagine.
But our unusual hole in the wall home
is made up of all these apertures, perforations,
crannies, punctures, cracks and peepholes
and that’s what makes it all so grand,
so good and wonderfully new yet old.
33. Rejecting the Rejected
For all those who are rejected,
I salute you and say:
welcome to this world of ours
if you do succeed today.
If you have been out on your own,
to be kicked and pushed till you want to give up.
Here’s to you my jaded friend,
three cheers to you for standing up.
If you have been rejected for who you are,
if you have been ignored for the color of your skin
if you have been overlooked for your size
I salute you especially when you cry.
You know how it’s like
and you’ve been there
to get rejected for not fitting in
with the rest of the us who are already there.
32. Playwrighting for the Blind
I say not a note of caution
but the pit stop’s always at the station.
There are no buses or trains,
motorcars or planes.
There are only people
with loquacious ability,
I close my eyes
to save my energy.
I am what I said
I don’t need another empty plate.
The room is artificially lit
the floor is boarded up.
My mind can just be as quick
I don’t know where to start.
What do you want to write about?
Something that disturbs you,
concerns you, troubles you
just identify it and make it real.
Fleshing out characters,
giving them stupid names,
if you can do all that
you’re considered a writer who knows no pain.
Ideas are a bunch of posies
go on to wine and dine.
Set up the stage and go unrehearsed
you’re, after all, playwrighting for the blind.
31. Birds In My Backyard, Wildlife Everywhere
There are birds in my backyard.
From sparrows to mynas, magpie robins, pigeons, doves,
drongos, orioles, the occasional kingfisher, hornbill,
the unseen nightjar that clucks away when it’s dark
as though to announce the arrival of the bats.
From the front side I can see in the distance the brahminy kite
encircling its territory looking to feed, swifts and swallows
doing their death defying plunges, and the gibbons howling in the early hours.
The crows too join the open menagerie where all living things are free.
And a little walk towards the lakes are also flocked with bitterns, herons, jacanas,
sandpipers, owls, egrets, plovers, monitor lizards, tortoises, fishes,
leaf monkeys, pig-tail and long tail macaques.
Not to mention the unseen world of dragon fly larva, whirligig beetles,
waterboatmen, pond skaters and loads of tadpoles.
And that’s just a fraction of what home is.
30. When you are ready
When you are through blaming the past
then perhaps it’s time to look into the future.
When you are through with you barrage of distractions
perhaps you’ll have time to concentrate on your vision.
When you are through with your loquacious workout
perhaps you’ll hear your natural voice.
When you are through with your forced-fed ignorance
perhaps you’ll understand your fellow beings.
When you are through of being so easily influenced
perhaps you’ll see yourself as a leader.
When you are through creating your loneliness
perhaps you’ll know you’re not alone.
When you are through with your disbelief
perhaps you’ll find the truth within you.
When you are through with all your lame excuses
perhaps it’s finally time to be your true self.
29. What’s in a New Year?
There’s blues,
there’s various hues,
there’s tears
and some fears.
Sometimes a bit of flare,
sometimes a little less to share.
Occasionally quiet,
frequently noisy,
and it makes one so tired
or lost and dreamy.
Every year
the same,
every year,
it drains,
or grows
or slows
or slips
or creeps.
28. The delinquent bugs are crazy as spark plugs
The quiet whir of the computer
and the soft buzzing of the wilderness
keep me company in the dark.
I hear myself thinking about things
and wondering how I should go about it
to make another moment in time count
for the small doses of achievements.
27. Fitting In
Where do you fit in?
When you find yourself out of rhythm and rhyme with the poets,
when you can’t walk the walk and talk the talk with actors,
and your entry and exit seemed staged when you are with playwrights.
When you can’t find your tune with the songwriters,
and when you lose your voice among the singers.
When you can’t wrap it up with the filmmakers,
or see the big picture with screenwriters,
where will you go, where will you go?
Would you rather experience the surreal with addicts and abusers?
or would you rather keep the idiot box company?
Pursue your career like a loyal dog,
or bossing everyone around as if you’re God?
Will you rally with activists to make a stand
or will you join in the crowd for the sales when the year ends?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
You can save the whales, the sea lions and the environment
but can you save yourself from the corrupted dystopian government?
Where do you fit in, in the scheme of things?
Do you sit back and relax and make wishes in your dreams?
26. The Rarest Find

It’s as good as any when you have none,
or you can be grateful even with just one.
Praying to the stars and heavens above,
will not make any difference if you don’t know love.

25. It’s so quiet you’d think everything’s okay

I imagine my life with two wishes and a dream.
One wish is for placidity, tranquility, serenity to call my own.
One wish is to share this peace with those who want it.
And the dream is do everything I can to make them come true.

24. Unexpectedly Him

It’s not the same when you look at someone and you don’t see love.
It’s not the same when you feel his touch but nothing moves your heart.
It’s not the same when you hear him call your name yet everything stays the same.
It’s not the same when you get a whiff of him only to know it’s just a flyby whim.
It’s only when you kiss him on the lips that moves your heaven and your earth
that you’ll know it’s really him.
The one you have a connection with, the one you would love and sacrifice
and the one who steals into your dream.

23. The man with the traveling voice

There was a man who spoke with echoes
but he did not seem to mind.
When you hear him,
his voice reverberates and resonates
from one end of the world to another.
You think you are going crazy
you think you are mad,
but you hear him only when
you know you’ve been really bad.

22. Fire
The head is like a ball of fire,
burning with aching needs.
The eyes all glow with dire
thoughts of wayward deeds.
The tongue slithers out with desire
hungering as it feeds,
I shall be your answer
you shall be my sleep.
21. Home, Go Home
He’s coming home.
He’s coming back.
But I have no home.
I have only a shack.
Where will I go?
Where will I live?
What do I do
in moments like these?
Go back to where you belong,
go home and stay home.
It could be a house,
it could be a storage,
but you have to go back
and sort your baggage.
He’s coming home.
He’s coming back.
I am happy
and I am sad.
For I have no home to go to
I have no place to find.
It’s not the building
or the trimming.
It’s the home,
the home
that I’m going back to.
20. Tomorrow’s Dance
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I find the right man,
but today I missed that chance
when I could have danced with friends.
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I find the time,
but today I missed that chance
when the moment could have been mine.
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I have the space,
but today I missed that chance
when I could have come out of my daze.
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I can find a reason,
but today I missed that chance
when I could have enjoyed all the seasons.
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I hear the laughter I long for,
but today I missed that chance
when I could have started by opening the door.
I promised myself tomorrow’s dance
when I see the sun shine through,
but today I missed that chance
when I could have dance in the rainfall too.
I shan’t promise myself tomorrow’s dance
and wait until I turn blue,
so today I will not miss that chance
I’ll start dancing with you.
19. My Time
Today I sigh with that breath of mine.
I had so much to eat and yet I have none.
I am tired and sleepy
and my eyes are heavy,
for sleep, for fresh air,
for a need, for a purpose.
It’s so quiet and the noises are muffled,
but I could still hear the crying children.
Is there a warm bed in the house?
I’m not sure but everything is feeling hot
and restless, looking for answers.
I don’t want to close my eyes and go to sleep
I don’t want to rest until I can dance to the beat,
but I cannot party while I’m like this.
When I think about looking out the window
to the evening skies,
and day dreaming under the tree
with my crooked smile.
I know it’s been too long
and it’s been a while
I have snuggled with the pillows
and cowering under the blanket.
It’s time to wake up, get up and step up,
before I can take another bow.
I welcome the sunshine and all the light
even in the darkness where I cannot see.
I shall complete the mandalas
that I once started
and go to the finish line
that I have already crafted.
I sigh again with a hopeful respire,
this is the time,
this is the beginning
of all my desires.
18. This guy…
I dream of him regularly,
I see someone who looks like him everywhere.
His name is mentioned by strangers,
or appears on a website,
a movie or in a book.
What does he want from me?
Am I in love with him?
I don’t think so,
but the thought of him
being with me is quite
fanciful and fun.
I try to erase his image and presence
out of my library of memories
but he never goes away.
Even if I succeed for a while
he comes back again.
He weaves himself through the network of my life
and reminds me all over again.
I can’t get by a day without a glimpse
of his face or laughter or touch.
Tell me,
am I paranoid
or am I insane?
Am I smitten
or am I desperate?
Who’s he?
This guy won’t leave me alone.
Why has he got such a hold on me?
I can feel his energy drawing me to him
and I don’t know how it will go from here.
I wonder if he knows what he is doing to me.
I wonder if this guy knows.
17. In The Name Of Anger
In the name of anger, I swear to God I’ll kill.
In the name of anger, I will wipe out all nations, I will!
In the name of anger I can do anything I want.
In the name of anger I’ll trash everyone for fun.
In the name of anger all men are not equal.
In the name of anger I am always greater.
In the name of anger you are all nothing but…
In the name of anger my voice is louder because I shout.
In the name of anger who are you to say anything?
In the name of anger who are you to tell me what to do?
In the name of anger I don’t know what’s the plan.
In the name of anger I shall die without a friend.
16. Baby, join the army
You march on solid ground
you terrorize the town.
You carry your weapons
you bury the dead.
Sons and daughters
of tomorrow’s frown,
I dare you to take on
and join the army parade.
You sing their anthem
you shout out their name,
you get a medal
for dodging bombs.
You stand up tall
you wreck some skulls,
you cry not a tear
when you puke out your gall.
The honor is great,
the joy is greater,
to be patriotic
to be egocentric.
Let’s go to war
and fight all evil,
slay down the ugly boars,
kill all the people.
You’re in the army baby,
you’re serving the nation,
you’re a baby in arms,
you, you’re that person.
15. Shits to you
Mind you,
it’s bullshit if you step on it,
it’s dog shit if you squash it,
and it’s cat shit if you smell it.Remember when you go swimming
in the river and the streams,
that’s where fish shit in it.
And the oh-my-goodness public toilets,
need I remind you who did that?
Yes I do, that’s human shit for you.When you don’t go F**K,
you’ll go SHIT!
Either way, it means the same.
It can be an oh-shit day
and someone can be real shit to you.
If nature is against you
you may even shit in your pants,
or God forbid that you’ll be shitting bricks.
And if your day goes all wrong
then you’ll know that shit happens!
But if you want to go all Frenchy
just tilt your head and whisper c’est la vie.If you’re a toad under a rock
you might see some weird ass shit,
but if you like what you see
it’ll be some real cool shit.Some people believe that life is shit,
and go around telling everyone else
they don’t need this shit
and accuse the others of being horse shit.
It’s because they are so full of fear
that makes them chicken shit
but the truth is,
they want to get out
of the shit hole
they shat themselves in.Has anyone ever told you you’re full of shit?
Or perhaps they mentioned something to the effect
that you are a real piece of shit.
If you’re ever in doubt about it,
you could always turn around and scream back
– I don’t give a shit!It’s how we perceive a shitty day
that makes it all worth while,
once we can get our shit together
our lives will be filled with shitty smiles.
People only get into deep shit if they allow it,
that’s when the shit hits the fan,
but if you walk on by and go about your shit
then you’ll know the shit you get is all your own.
At least you can will truly know
that you don’t have shit for brains.
And after all these madness and confusion
it is only in death that we will see
what can be only described as ‘holy shit’!
And when we realize that our entire existence
is based on human assumptions of making up
stories as we go along,
if you don’t already know it,
well in the end
everything’s a major crock of shit.
So whatever, whatever, whatever.
One things’ for sure,
it feels so good to do it
doesn’t it?
14. my own
When he walked out,
he left a trail of blue green dust
that drifted recklessly
like a dying wind in a cold room,
or static that hangs on
to the ends of the hair.
I was nonplussed,
I was indifferent
and stupefied
to have what I wanted
but to lose what I gave up.
I couldn’t understand
why I bewilder myself
with such angst
trying to straighten the lines
that were crooked
and bending the lines that
were straight.
He was suddenly gone.
I could now hear
every distinct sound
buzzing round my head.
I could feel the breath
of warmness that seeps
from underneath the floor.
I felt the hunger
in my stomach
and I realized I was
indeed yearning to devour
or pleasantly nibble
at the edges of time
and not grind my teeth
in the middle of the night.
I could, I suppose
ask for more
but the truth is,
I don’t want anymore.
I shall walk to the arid desert barefooted
and swim with the barracudas barenaked.
After all, I am my own moment,
I am my own noise.
13. Worth
In honor of love & everything
I walk upon the surface of my earth.
With tip toes & light treads of a dream
tell me how much I am worth?
12. Red is my Color
 The red of my eyes
are yours for keeps,
the red of my heart
is where blood seeps.
The red of my sorrow
is meant to weep,
red is all I am
when I can’t get to sleep.
The song of my soul
is yours to sing,
the art of my mind
runs deep within,
the dance of my body
has always been
wearing red shoes
in my miscellaneous dreams.
The rebel that I am
is for a good cause,
the war that I create
is not for loss,
My retaliation is
against corrupted force,
but red I see, red I taste,
and red I touch in a mono pause.
11. When I Die…
 When I die I want to die for a good cause.
I don’t want to be in bed writing with pain,
crying out to God or the doctors to take it all away.
I want to be able to fight to my very last breath
and smile about how great it all was.
I want to fight my own battle to the very end.
I don’ even want to think about what I will do
when I become incapable because I will not succumb to it.
I want to die a good old age when I am good and ready,
not when I am tired and sick.
I believe being sick is a state of mind like everything else,
I don’t have to be if I don’t want to be.
There will be no such thing as loneliness because
I will always be by the side of the ones I love
and share with them what I have accumulated all my life.
There is always enough to go round
and even for the second, third
and forth time if it is needed.
Everyday will be my last
and everyday will be my first in everything I do.
I want to be curious like a child
and yet I want to be wise with experience
so that I can appreciate everything that comes my way.
Most of all I want to laugh because I can.
Because there is humor in everything we do,
the seriousness is only a show to icing
the lopsided cake that we all are.
My heart will also be with the animals
that are meant to be free, and nature that is forever.
They are the real meaning of life without judgment,
without prejudice, without discrimination.
But if fate would have me bed ridden for whatever reasons,
I will take it as it comes because there must be
some universal unseen reason for that to happen.
But believe me, I will not go down without a fight
for there’s always a better reason than just to die.
10. What music will you play?
Will you love a man
who plays you like a violin,
a cello or a fiddle?
Or will you let him
beat you like a drum?
Would you prefer
to be caressed like a piano
or strummed like a guitar?
Manipulated like a flute
or blown like a tuba?
Will his touch make music
with your soul?
Or will it stop
at the rhythm of your body?
How do you want him to play you?
Or do you want to be played at all?
Does his presence make you sing the blues,
or something smooth and jazzy?
Does he make you
want to be a dance number
or do you want to rock?
Is his being with you
a new age experience
or is it with ambient whispers
chilling out?
How will your man be
in the quiet of the night,
and cacophony of the day?
How will you be
to his gentleness,
weakness and tiredness
from the jarring noise?
What music will you play?
9. Tis’ my Country
I want to belong to a country
that will take me for who I am
and allow me to grow on my own,
to make decisions of my own.
I want to be in this country
that protects the environment
and educates her subjects
to a level of competency
on the things they should know.
I want to uphold this country
and be proud of who she is
as she is proud of who I am.
This country that I love
will share with her people
all the truth there is to share
and believe in raising them
to higher grounds of magnificence
despite their ethnicity.
And in return,
I will be the best I can be
to my country.
I will devote my life
to make it a beautiful place to live in
and if necessary
I will pick up a weapon
to defend it from invaders of any form.
I will stand by her
in her moments of despair,
I will be a willing sacrifice
for her freedom.
Death will not keep me away.
I want to be a part of this country,
and I want this country to be a part of me,
but where, where shall I begin?
8. The spiderous woman
 The spider is a unique creature
that reminds me of a woman’s character.
She spins a solid web to snare,
to what she wants and what she cares.
The fodder that sticks
to her home and lair
are history once she gets her share.
Like the male that loses
his life to a black widow,
the man will do anything
to get into a woman’s meadow.
The woman and the spider can spin a nifty web
to hold and store her closet with surprises,
she loves her life and children so dearly
and if a man do come along, he’ll taste just fine and dandy.
7. Roll over
I am cruel,
I am mean.
I embrace my nightmares
and I love my dreams
I think God is a woman
and I know nothing is what it seems.
There are no coincidences
and there are reasons to believe.
Roll over and play dead
or have some tea and bread.
I hate to travel up
and down the road,
to get caught in the human inconsistency.
I’d rather go to a casual undisclosed place
and party spontaneously.
Hmm … it would be so nice,
it would be so great.
I shall gobble down the cream
and I shall eat my cake.
6. And time slips away
Come away, come away
I haven’t been here
since yesterday until today.
The hours are long and dreary,
the seconds are short and snappy.
I dream of becoming and then I fall asleep,
my mind is racing and my body is weak.
I wake up with a headache,
I hear my bones shake,
My throat’s parch and dry
I’m bewildered by the question ‘why’
I know I’m been away, been away
and I miss it all that’s garish and gay
But now I’m home, I’m home
in the arms of my own
I want to stay quiet and still
Make my fantasies funny and real
Before I lose my myself in the human race
I shall walk away with the sun in my face
Go away, go away you little impish nuisance
I will not go with you, not for any reasonI love the silliness, the adventurous, the wild
I love things that pull my heartstrings to make me smile
5. It’s what you wanted
You chose this life.
No matter how difficult
it must seem now,
you must try to remember
why you chose this life.
Before time,
before you were even born,
you already knew
you chose this life
because you wanted
something out of it.
All you have to do is
to try and remember
why you chose it
and then go on with your life.
You will achieve nothing
and feel nothing
if you choose to forget.
Once you can overcome this fear,
you will be able to
understand the situation,
unravel the complexities,
endure unbearable pain,
realize your dream
and love beyond limitations
and you will be
among those who know.
4. What’s Another Year?
I shall wonder not
how you are,
or what you’ve done
and what you’re doing.
I shall assume not
anything that might
restraint my thoughts
and hold me back
from knowing, sharing
and believing.
But I’ll wish you all
another year of bliss,
another year of challenges
and adventures
that will take you to
the next level of
who you really are
and want to be.
Happy New Year
to all the bloggers
that lurk within!
3. Morning Devotion
It is the morning’s run
into an idyllic sun
of one’s clear thoughts
of things and sorts.
I shall live my life
with simple things
and wish for all
the good it’ll bring.
2. Freak Storm
The days of tomorrow come like yesterdays.
I have a question for you if I may.
Why are the seasons the reasons for change,
and why is change the reasons for today’s seasons?
1. Wannabe
When things go wrong as a poem can
I am not quite sure if I have a plan.
As I slouch down the uneasy chair to think
of a word to rhyme just to make it sing.
My head keeps pounding like a railway track,
my wrists are twisted to suit the keys.
The crookedness of all the years on my back
and here I am I can hardly see.
Trying to make the words dance in tune
hoping to make flowers spring and bloom.
Sometimes it gets harder to keep the rhythm
when I’m all over with misplaced rhyme and reason.
I don’t know why I just have to express it,
but I’ll write it down anyway because I’m a wannabe poet.

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