women100 events_0511_14(2)

The gang of actors and writers. Photographs used with kind courtesy of Halimi Saidi. (

DSC_8810 DSC_8815 DSC_8827  Photographs used with kind courtesy of Jackie Loi

March 8th 2011 – A Woman in Question (Staging for Women 100 launch at Empire Subang)



March 2nd – 6th 2011 – Breakfast with the Dogs (Staging by David Lim at KLPac)


November 2009

This performance is about self censorship. Because of the media, culture and tradition, women believe that they are at fault for simply being women. The breast, vagina, buttocks and hair of a woman is generally associated with sexual perversion. A woman who exposes too much of her these body parts is always considered loose or tawdry and that she is asking for ‘trouble’ in a close minded society. A woman who has a voluptuous body is never free from gossips and accusations unless she hides them from the eyes of those who condemn her.

Censoring her mouth is the last act she could do because a woman’s words usually don’t carry as much weight as a man’s. She is also expected not to speak her mind, utter an intelligent remark or tell the truth.

The self infliction with the frying ladle is to parody the ideology of ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’. In other words, since all women are expected to be good cooks, she might as well beat herself to death if she is not.

I am proud to be a Woman performed by Koon Tan



May 2008 – Breakfast with the Dogs (Kakiseni competition – consolation prize)

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