A man spends too much time on social networks and the internet and creates a persona who gradually switches places with him, leaving him in a state of uncertainty of what’s reality and what’s virtual reality.


Curse of the Nail (creature horror)
A man is cursed with an unspeakable horror that follows him everywhere he goes. He makes the most of it by returning to the town that is responsible for the death of his gay brother to unleash the terror that would literally eat them alive.


The Dark Drag Rises (comedy horror)
A retelling of Jekyll and Hyde where a closeted drag queen goes on a killing rampage when he is threatened by people with bad fashion sense.

The Revenant (supernatural horror)
A man dies unexpectedly at the peak of his wonderful life and refuses to leave and he remains as a ghost to watch over his family. But when he could not accept the changes in his loved ones he gradually becomes angry to the point of being dangerously hostile.


Onslaught (scifi action)
A commercial plane collides with a UFO which was attacking it and they crash land in the swamp to find themselves at the mercy of the wilderness and each other.


The Train that could not leave the Station

Supernatural drama
Five ghosts share their intimate secrets about how they died at a railway station repeatedly until they found out if they don’t resolve their deaths soon they will be stuck in the station forever.

Three physically and emotionally abused strangers happen to meet in an abandoned train and sparked off an unusual friendship that takes them to a journey in search of hope, love and adventure.

Supernatural drama
A man tries to make amends with his wife for cheating on her dies at the train station and his ghost needs to find a way to get to his wife before she takes her own life.


The Conclusion of a Life that wasn’t lived

Fantasy Drama
A baby who dies at childbirth on earth is given a chance to experience his entire life in an alternate universe.

Psychological horror
A man who committed suicide finds himself trapped in a life he never intended to live and everything is a mirror image of his past.


The Man who could say no more

A man who lost everything in life finds meaning again when a stray cat comes unexpectedly to teach him about love and compassion.

Sci-Fi Thriller
Those were the only two words he remembers ‘no more’ when he wakes with a partially damaged mechanical body from a deep sleep in a post-apocalyptic world.

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