Them Horrors be Everywhere: Never wake the Dead


Cemeteries have always been a great place for friends to hangout, lovers to express their undying love, Pokemon hunters to meet their quota, and people who need to be close to the dead to understand the living.

This story is inspired by one of my night hikes during my scouting days. One of the things we had to do was to retrieve a cryptic message posted on the far end of the cemetery on a full-sized cross. Although we laughed about it none of us wanted to go in when we reached the entrance to the memorial. There was a bit of an argument as to who should be the hero to trespass on the dead until someone sacrificed himself for the good of the patrol. Everyone survived.

This scenario sets the mood of the beginning at the story and the rest are cooked up in my cauldron of cataclysmic darkness.


Them Horrors be Everywhere: Symbiont


I have always loved creepy crawlies of all kinds. One of my life goals, when I was a kid, was to become an entomologist but I was told I wasn’t smart enough to be one. Back then, we believed anything people said so I became an entomophile instead.

My fascination with insects, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies was not shared by anyone that I knew. I could spend an entire day watching spiders weaving their webs, snails laying eggs, feeding tadpoles and observing the times and lives of a common housefly.

When I found a Facebook entomology group (many many years later) I was more than delighted to become a part of the family. It felt good to know that there are people out there who are pretty much like me and loving the things that I love. One of the members shared the history of scaphism aka the boats and I knew it would be in one of my horror stories for my next collection.

I saw a documentary once where the narrator said only insects will survive when all other life forms perish in a holocaust. I’ve never forgotten that statement. Being a film buff of creature features I’ve always wondered what it would be like if insects do decide one day it was time to eradicate the real pests of the earth.

This tale is a prologue of what could be a very long novel that may be developed someday if the stars align or the insects don’t get us first.


There be Monsters: Battle Damage



The beginning part of the story is based on real experiences right up to the point of feeling exhausted every morning when she woke. Doesn’t it make you wonder if you just woke up from a battle sometimes? What really goes on with us every night when we go to sleep? Could we merely be collateral damage in the war of the worlds?


There be Monsters: Constipation



This story was written way way back when I was still young, impressionable and very inspired by a TV series called Monsters in the late 80s. It was The Feverman episode that got me questioning what sicknesses or diseases were really about. It has gone through several revisions and brought up to date for this collection.


There be Monsters: Mimieux



I wrote this for an anthology which I so wanted to be in but it was regrettably not selected. It is a strange and bizarre fantasy tale that questions reality through the eyes of a psychologically disturbed girl. But the ugliness of the issue is much too real in this time and age to be ignored or overlooked. The name, as you might have guessed, comes from the beautiful and talented Yvette Mimieux who also starred in a movie call Where the Boys are.


There be Monsters: Into the Wild Unknown



If you know about the salmons’ fantastic journey from birth to death you will understand this story from a better perspective. Sometimes we question the nature of things out of curiosity but I question nature about things that go bump in the night. If this strange phenomenon can occur in the animal kingdom why is it not possible that it can happen to human beings too?


There be Monsters: Out of a Canine’s Manger



I was a kid when I heard the story of the ghost dog that came back to haunt a family. Whoever told me this said it came in the evening and would chase anyone loitering around outside the house. When I was writing the first few drafts of this story I was still learning how to create scary scenes to terrify the reader. I sometimes practice the actions to see if it would frighten me. One of the scenes where the antagonist felt the presence of the dog behind her actually occurred to me. I turned around from the writing table and saw our late great Mackie looking at me from behind. Although he did startle me, I laughed and ran to hug him for his divine guidance.

When I was writing the first few drafts of this story I was still learning the ropes of how to create scary moments to terrify the readers. I sometimes act out the scenes to see if it frightened me so that I could transcribe it into a descriptive horror. One of the scenes where the antagonist felt the presence of the dog behind her actually happened to me. I imagined what it was like and when I turned around from the writing table I saw our late great Mackie staring at me. Although he did startle me, I laughed and ran over to hug him for his divine guidance.