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If you ever have the time to sit down and talk with members from Justice for Sisters or PT Foundation or other similar NGOs helping the transgender community you will cringe with fright at how monstrous human beings can be towards the marginalized. You can read more about it in the link below.

Although this is a supernatural vengeance, been there-done that plot, there is a twist that involves the mystical powers of the moths.



Reincarnation was not an ideology I willingly embraced when I was young. Although I have heard about it in certain practices, I have never given it much thought or care. It was not until I read some of the most remarkable stories about children who transmigrated and identified their murderers that got my attention. If it were possible for all victims to come back and seek justice then no one can get away with murder.

For all murderers out there, if you think you can get away with it, you’d better think again.



This was a flash fiction I enjoyed writing because it came out of nowhere and got itself featured in Books of the Dead press website. In this book, I extended it to give it a little more … flesh.



This story is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry. Although it is nothing like a black comedy I was curious to know how one can dispose of a body the best way possible. To make it worse what if the body keeps coming back?

A shorter version of this story was printed in the Chimeraworld #5 in 2008 but now it has a more conclusive ending rewritten for this collection.