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I didn’t realize it was 10 years later that I wrote to another one of my favorite authors. It was none other than the master of suspense himself, Sidney Sheldon. As usual, being 32 without having much success of getting to see my book in print was not very encouraging. I kept thinking to myself that I must be doing something wrong. The publishing opportunities in Malaysia was still very slim so I tried sending my works out to the US and other countries but there was nothing but rejection letters. I even sought out literary agents but with just a messy compilation of short horror stories (which was known as Bedtime stories from under my bed then) and a mystery suspense horror manuscript entitled Something about the Moon, they just weren’t good enough to land any deals.

Again, I needed some kind of approval to know that I was publishable or at least I had some writing skills. If you notice the change in my name it was also about this time I was going through my own transitional period with religion, identity, career, and a whole lot of questions about where I was going with this life.

It would take another 16 years before I am finally published for the first time by MPH. My first book Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Night finally saw the light of day after years of getting stuck in a publishing limbo.

The advice about not leaving your day job while pursuing a writing career only made sense to me when I was older. And the all time favorite advice to write, write, and write is the only way for any aspiring writers to go. With all the ups and downs, doubts and self-deprecation, disappointments and lonely nights, writing is a pilgrimage and an adventure. It may seem like an impossible dream at times but no matter how long it takes, it is well worth the journey.



When all the distractions have gone
what will you do, where will you go?
The valuable would be valueless,
the luster would lose its glow.

The tides would have to change
the skies would turn from dark to grey.
Are you listening to the sound of your voice,
are you ready to come home and stay?

You’ve been running as far as your feet can take you,
to get away to distant shores and lands.
What did you find in your exotic experience?
Another emptiness in a world that’s nothing but a sham.

What will you do when all the distractions have gone?
How lonely the travel, how will you go on?

With a song in my head and dance on my feet,
I go where I go, I do as I please.
With a tune on my tongue and rhythm in my heartbeat,
This is where I’m goin’, that is how it is.

I look for no reasons, I search not for things,
I learned to take it easy, I learned to take it in.
Whatever I cannot fathom, I question deep within,
Whatever I find worrisome, I set them off to dream.

I used to imagine what I wished for,
but I decided to make it all come true.
I used to desperately open doors,
but I finally understand it’s really just a point of view.

So, I go where I go, I do as I please,
This is where I’m goin’, and that is how it is.

Poem: Go

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Scribble
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cyberheart 8x8

Go where your heart takes you,
be it far, be it near.
Go look for something wonderful,
be it there, be it here.

Listen to your heart beat,
let it take you far from home.
A heart can be a lonely hunter
if you let it weep alone.

Go where your heart takes you,
never fear what you don’t know.
Your heart will always find its way
though you may not want to go.

Take a moment to breathe it in
and wish upon that star.
If you trust yourself to let it go
you will find out who you are.

Go where your heart takes you,
that’s the only way to go the distance.
And when you find the peace within,
someday, you will understand the silence.

Finish what you start,
that is the only way to know
if it will serve you well
or if it has any purpose,
or if it is worth doing all over again.

Finish what you start,
so that you will learn
to do it better next time,
so that you will understand
how best to go about it.

Finish what you start
because it will teach you
focus and discipline,
and help you know
what your needs are.

Finish what you start,
and learn from the journey
of heartaches, of headaches,
of love, of wonderment,
and of all that which you have faith in.

Finish what you start,
and you will feel grateful
that you did
because it will remind you,
above everything else, that you can.

Finish what you start,
so that you will not look back
with regret and wonder
about the what ifs,
but look forward to what’s next?

Quotation: Completion

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Scribble
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Someday you will understand that it is not the fame or the fortune
but the feeling of completion that matters most.