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A poster full of horrors

My littlest fan.


My first book was published in 2011.
These are the last few copies.
How times flies.

Them Horrors be Everywhere

Read the writeup about the launch by Daily Seni.

#GTLF2016: FIXI serves up bestselling transgendered Malaysian authors at double launch

There be Monsters Cover

My second Fixi book, and third published book.
Love the Cthulhu cover design.

Launching at GTLF on November 29, 2015 from 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm





Writing is a lonely venture where I hide away from the world to jot down things I’d like to share with like minded people. But in the process of getting to you, editors, readers, publishers, designers, and all the people behind the scene make it easier for us to connect.

Here’s thanking them for being incredible in their own ways. And to you for feeding this writer.

Me & Regina again. Can’t believe it was a year ago we both launched our books, and now we’re doing it one more time.

Venue: 216, Beach Street
Date: 29th, November 2015
Time: 6 – 6.45pm

Gourmet COVER

Our latest horror comic series: Nefarious Nights, Dreadful Days

For every exquisite experience every gourmet knows there is a secret recipe that is only as mouth watering as the secret itself. Bon appétit.