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Reincarnation was not an ideology I willingly embraced when I was young. Although I have heard about it in certain practices, I have never given it much thought or care. It was not until I read some of the most remarkable stories about children who transmigrated and identified their murderers that got my attention. If it were possible for all victims to come back and seek justice then no one can get away with murder.

For all murderers out there, if you think you can get away with it, you’d better think again.


mamak detectives

I wanted to try writing an Armchair Detective tale and I was influenced by Baroness Orczy’s Old Man in the Corner. I thought it was fun just to have wannabe sleuths figuring out a crime from one of Malaysian’s most patronized places: the mamak stall, where all kinds of topics are discussed, debated, and proven.


Strangely, when John F.D. Taff followed me on twitter I went to check out his site and link that brought me to Books of the Dead Press where I learned that James Roy Daley was looking for flash fictions.

I dug into my pile of stash and found one which I thought could be a good fit. And thanks to both of them, here it is:

Dedicated to Ray Harryhausen (1920 – 2013). Thanks for making my childhood an adventure.

Here I am trying to complete a novella with haste and there I am getting fired up to do this micro fictions. With all the idiotic and despicable politics going around worldwide sometimes I wonder what politicians actually know. This is the one about the politician who knew too little.