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I didn’t realize it was 10 years later that I wrote to another one of my favorite authors. It was none other than the master of suspense himself, Sidney Sheldon. As usual, being 32 without having much success of getting to see my book in print was not very encouraging. I kept thinking to myself that I must be doing something wrong. The publishing opportunities in Malaysia was still very slim so I tried sending my works out to the US and other countries but there was nothing but rejection letters. I even sought out literary agents but with just a messy compilation of short horror stories (which was known as Bedtime stories from under my bed then) and a mystery suspense horror manuscript entitled Something about the Moon, they just weren’t good enough to land any deals.

Again, I needed some kind of approval to know that I was publishable or at least I had some writing skills. If you notice the change in my name it was also about this time I was going through my own transitional period with religion, identity, career, and a whole lot of questions about where I was going with this life.

It would take another 16 years before I am finally published for the first time by MPH. My first book Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Night finally saw the light of day after years of getting stuck in a publishing limbo.

The advice about not leaving your day job while pursuing a writing career only made sense to me when I was older. And the all time favorite advice to write, write, and write is the only way for any aspiring writers to go. With all the ups and downs, doubts and self-deprecation, disappointments and lonely nights, writing is a pilgrimage and an adventure. It may seem like an impossible dream at times but no matter how long it takes, it is well worth the journey.


Grow old

Will you grow old with me?
Will you come play with me like when we were kids?
With not a care in the world,
and not a moment to lose.
Where we go dancing with two left feet
and falling down before we can climb up.
In the embrace of a cold icy lake
and a dash out in the sun,
doing everything silly just to have some fun.

Will you grow old with me?
Will you go count the stars with me
while we try to figure out the constellations?
Make a pact to be friends forever,
and share outlandish dreams of the future.
Steal away from the harsh and hurried world
and go tumble down the sloping hill.
Tell tales of suspense and horror
by the campfire and extended sleepover.

Will you grow old with me
and help me stay young at heart?
To make sense of the nonsense
and to create nonsense with the senseless.
Where we go and make new memories
to outdo the old ones that we remember.
Let’s jump off the cliff of self-importance
and dive into the coolness of the selfless water
where we can find comfort in the arms of each other.

Will you grow old with me?
Come, hold my hand and let’s go climb a tree.

One of the best sources of inspirations for writing YA novels and children’s stories comes from cartoons. Here are some of them that made an impact on me at various times of my life.

1. The Herculoids

I used to watch this when I was in my primary school. It had everything I have always loved: monsters, aliens, warriors, adventures, spacecrafts and beasts and did I mention creatures?

2. Marine Boy

This TV series has the cutest themes ever about the boy who patrols the sea. Though I can’t quite remember most of it I know I loved it once.

3. Sinbad, the Sailor (Shindobatto no bouken)

It was a long running Japanese anime that I got to watch on TV (badly dubbed version) of seafaring tales and swashbuckling adventures. I managed to catch the last episode which tied up all the loose ends pretty well.

4. Birdman and The Galaxy Trio

I remember the local TV station aired this in the afternoons when I was still at school. So to catch this show was an unbeliavable treat.

5. Scooby Doo, where are you?

My all time detective, supernatrual, ghost-debunking cartoon that led me to write my own ghost-debunking stories: Farid & the Supernatural Sleuths and Midnight Madness Mania with DJ Edy.

6. Spy Shadow

How could anyone not want their shadow to come forth after watching this? Simple yet awesome.

7. Samurai Jack

Alhough I watched this only in my adult years I love the way it is stacked with subtle humor, great art and a magical way of story telling.

8. Avatar: The Last Airbender

I only finished watching this recently and was completely blown over by the heart and spirituality of the story. I must say it’s one of the best animation series I have ever seen.

9. Felix, the Cat

One of my favorite cats since it preceeded most other cats in animation.

10. Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes

These were playing all the them on TV and Bugs Bunny somehow just makes my day. And who could ever forget Pepé Le Pew?

Life can be an utterly boring experience if you don’t have anything you are passionate about.

It’s just one long tedious journey of routines and rituals you familiarize yourself with because you are caught in a fabricated system; a web of misinformation about yourself and the world you live in.  Your beliefs are based on cultural inheritance and traditional acceptance of how things should be. But you still feel unfulfilled and undernourished, dissatisfied and frustrated with yourself and with the world. Why is that?

If you look in the mirror and see a status conscious being who has conformed to the world’s standards you may find yourself angry and bitter. While hundreds of questions run around your head you get this empty feeling in the pit of your stomach, not knowing what is missing that is making you so miserable. You may have accumulated your wealth, you may have found someone to love, you may have what you’ve always wanted in life but you can’t get rid of that awful revolting feeling of abandonment.

If you’ve nothing to fight for all your life you may find yourself spiritless in a world brimming with adventures. While some take to the extremes to make their lives worth living others ebb with the constant tide of unchanged to keep themselves from floating off into the unknown. People who consummate with their creative powers are the ones who find more fulfillments in their lives than most. You can be anyone, living anywhere and doing anything. As long as your heart is in it, you will find it: your one true love that will carry you through unpredictable storms and disappointing conditions.

All you’ve got to do is to trust yourself to know what it is that you want. What it is that will make you wake up with enthusiasm, stay with conviction and pursue with devotion. Something that you want so bad you would die for it. At least that’s a better way to go rather than lying in a bed of self-pity, misery and remorse.

So, while you still have a chance to make decisions at a time like now, it is best you do it when life hasn’t left you and death hasn’t come for you.

I’m sure you must have had the experience of meeting someone like that. This one’s dedicated to them since they inspired me to write this.

And all this because of a thunderstorm. I had to switch off the laptop due to the heavy thunderstorm one day so I pulled out the art block and started scribbling and doodling. The first title that came to mind was The Man who could say no more, and then I was on the roll. More and more titles popped up and now I am on the forth micro fiction which I never in my life thought of writing. Although I’ve written flash fictions between 800 to 1000 odd words before micro fiction is a blast.

Hmm, here’s another one of my micro fictions just for the heck of it.