Them Horrors be Everywhere: The amulet around the neck of a headless victim

Posted: February 26, 2017 in Scribble
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This story started out with the title The Amulet. After writing it the way I did, with dialog only, I retitled it to emphasize the zaniness and blackness of the humor. I had this idea when I was a teenager but I couldn’t find a way to execute to make it interesting. It was written in a letter form but to keep up with the times I rewrote it as messages found in an abandoned mobile. Now, it is a horror story within a horror story that is connected by a thin thread of familiarity.
The Fur Brooch by Dulcie Gray served as one of the inspirations for this tale. I read it in The 12th Pan Book of Horror Stories and later watched it on Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. This piece was performed live by Joe & Tina at my book launch at the 2016 GTLF which of course, they made it even more tantalizing.

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