Them Horrors be Everywhere: Children of the Meek

Posted: January 29, 2017 in Scribble
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I saw this scene in my mind’s eye long before I developed it into this story. If I remember right, I witnessed a mudslide that engulfed an entire school that killed every student trapped in it but I forgot if it was a dream or my mind writing a story triggered by an incident. It’s hard to imagine the horror the children had to endure and what their families had to go through to accept the tragedy. As much as we like to blame Mother Nature for all natural disasters we sometimes forget how much we contribute to such catastrophes.

With this idea and the constant questioning about the reason of our being and the role we play here on earth, I weaved together a tale of a man in search of his purpose in life and found the lost spirits of the jungle. It’s about wanting to feel belonged. It’s about identifying our own tribe. It’s about feeling connected with the people who understand us like how we understand them. When we find this family we would eventually find our home.


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