Them Horrors be Everywhere: Always the Beauty Queen

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Scribble
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I’ve never liked reality TV shows. I always had low regard for them for the drama and unnecessary sensationalism created to draw in viewers. But two paved the way to help me understand the human psyche better than I thought I ever would. The first time I saw Extreme Makeover I was moved to tears when I got to know how beauty to some meant more than just skin-deep vanity.

I wrote this story with that thought in mind but I couldn’t get the voice right. It was written and rewritten several times but it felt empty. Something was missing. A piece of the jigsaw puzzle. An element to carry it through the threshold. I was watching Rupaul’s drag race at that time and listening to her fabulous songs. Only after incorporating the songs into the story it made sense why I called it Always the beauty queen in the first place.

This story is also about paying the price for being beautiful. Not from the surgery and cosmetic enhancements but from the hands of a man who measures women’s morality by their beauty. For the women who have to find a way to defend themselves and learn how to survive the world where their looks are judged with impossibilities, this story is for them. Those who know their truth despite what other people say, and those who fight the fight because they can.


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