Them Horrors be Everywhere: An Uninvited Twilight

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Scribble
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Them Horrors be Everywhere concludes the triptych titles of my short horror stories collection. But this is not the end of my horror stories since there are still tons of ideas, half written works in progress, and first drafts that I’ve yet to nurture and resurrect.

This is my 3rd book with Fixi and it is the most localized of the three. The characters, settings, and colloquialism are written with locals in mind. The first two books had stories or ideas I had written a long time ago and were targeted for markets other than Malaysia. Back then, it was difficult to get anything published here but this is not the case anymore.

With another 13 stories to gauge your level of sanity and upset your quietude, you can be rest assured they are only tales derived from the mind of a slightly unstable writer. I truly hope the horrors may find you and comfort you in the most delightful way.

An Uninvited Twilight
Twilight is the strangest time of day to me. It can either bring hope or it can usher in despair. From the dark and desperate desolation, the next moment could reveal to us the light at the end of the tunnel. On the flip-side, from a magnificent view of the colors of the sun, a sense of doom and terror could creep in and engulf our entire being in a second.

An Uninvited Twilight is about being caught between two worlds. A young boy, Keon, discovers the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and something is unleashed within him, giving him the power to see beyond our falsified reality. A priest who had to juggle with his faith, sexuality, and contradicting traditions, tries to find the bridge that divides what is right from wrong, real from the perceived, god and the devil. But to understand this he had to step into the boy’s shoes and see what real fear is like from the eyes of an innocent child.


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