Hungry in Ipoh launch

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Scribble
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Unlike Love in Penang, I was all geared up to send an entry to the Hungry in Ipoh anthology. With a title like that I think most of us (writers) interpreted the theme to be around the likes of food or horror or both which is more up my alley. In any case, I started with a horror story called The Strange Solitude of Hungry Helen but it grew too large to be eligible for the word count. However, it was a nice fit for There be Monsters, my next collection which will be launched at the Georgetown Literary Fest.

Wanting to give it another try, I aimed for a foodie fiction (I love foodie fiction) the second time around. The story came to me easily since I already had in mind what I wanted to write. The only challenge was to make it funny and heartwarming. An Epi-curious Affair is layered with tantalizing condiments and ingredients to stimulate your appetite and leave you with a curious aftertaste to savor


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