A Nightmare on Jalan Raja Yaacob

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Scribble
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October 4th, 2015
We were at the Bukit Bintang area, hiding from the giants (that resembled Attack on Titan) and everyone was running for cover, screaming, and yet curious to see what the giants looked like. There were some people who seemed to be keeping the giants from coming out of the ground. They tried to bind her, but she was too much for them to handle. The first giant broke through and killed everyone in her path. Once she was out the smaller ones were released from the ground as well.
We ran for safety, looking for a safer place to hide and I saw one of the smaller giants attack the people in front of me. I changed course and I woke up from the heart -thumping terror. But I was too sleepy to be fully awake so I went back to sleep and the horror continued. They were killing and eating everyone who was out in the open. And then they headed for the building we were hiding in (probably Sungai Wang), and I didn’t think it would hold. I was prepared to fight them, but I didn’t have any weapons or skills.
While dreaming this, I started writing in my head. I thought it would make a great horror story. And it goes like this, more or less…

It came in the wee hours of the morning. It was the kind of sound you never forget because it was the sound of death. The grunting, snorting, and growling turned into shrieks and screams that could only mean one thing. We were under attack.

I tried to shake myself out of it, but I couldn’t open my eyes. When the terror got too real I managed to pull myself out of the nightmare and wondered if the giants actually came. I sat on the mattress and waited to see if the giants would tear off the roof. Of course they didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to share this terrifying nightmare with you.

While I was terribly shaken up from the vividity I was also glad I could use this for one of my future horror stories. But I’m still looking out the window to see if any giants are lurking in the haze.


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