Poem: Be the Bum

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Scribble
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Be the bum that you want to be
and live your life unconditionally.
Be the bum and stay away from others
who are trapped by law that only smothers.

Be the bum for the love of mother nature
and live in harmony with all her features.
Be the bum that will take you far to wander
to places where you’ll find meanings in your adventures.

Be the bum who cares not for small and petty things
that needs you to measure life with irrelevant dreams.
Be the bum who has no qualms over matters
but be one who is free from hoarded clutters.

Better be a bum who is considered contemptible and lazy
then to be one who is sold to the ways of the sad and lonely.
Better be a bum and pay your way with love, truth and imagination,
then to be one who pays dearly with unhappiness, anger and dissatisfaction.

Be the bum who looks upon existence with carefree eyes,
one who makes things happen with constant laughing cries.
Be the bum who is rich with magical prowess for those in need
and one who radiates with kindness and compassion even while in sleep.


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