Poem: They are coming for you

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Scribble
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Let me peel the cold hard facts from your leathery skin
and reveal the vileness you gathered from within.
You’ve gone and made yourself a soulless thing
the day you sold yourself to your sanctimonious sin.

But you know what you’ve done and where you’ve been
even when you don’t recall much in your horrific dream.
The shivers that crawl on you are monsters you create,
and they’ll forever be with you until you’re dead.

They show themselves in shadows and whispers,
only for you will they appear to make sure you remember.
They are drawn to you because you invited them in,
what else do you expect when you don’t reason what you think?

It’s not the money you stole or the twisted things you did,
or the dirt you roll in or the secrets that you keep.
But it’s the child you frightened into senseless submission,
it’s the child you punished with your version of damnation.

Soon your demons will become your hideousness,
there’s no return, there’s no way out of this ugly business.
Don’t you know they are all coming to take you back to your cage?
Where there are only sounds of the innocent screaming in your head.


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