Poem: Something More

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Scribble
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When I was young,
I used to wonder
if there was something more
to my future than the notion of
growing up to follow
a set of rules and regulations.
I asked many questions,
but each led me to
always wanting more.
I thought if I was loved
that would be enough
but when I found it
I wondered if there was something more.
I thought it was fortune,
I thought it was glory,
I thought it was good company,
I thought it was the peace within,
I thought it was a life well-lived,
I thought it was dreams coming true,
but when I got everything I ever wanted,
I wondered if there was something more.
I am surrounded by gadgets and technology,
entertainments and recreations,
comfort and leisure,
but there should still be something more.
I remember when I was young
all I had were sand and twigs for my imagination,
streams and rain for my friend,
critters under the rock was my entertainment,
trees to climb and admire was all about amazement.
Chasing the clouds and counting the stars,
basking on boulders and feeling the breeze,
feeding the birds and feeding the fishes,
were all and everything I did for the love of it.
They don’t seem like much
but they were more than enough.
They wouldn’t really amount to much
by the ways of the world,
but there was always the joy
of exploration, curiosity and wonderment.
Now that I am old
I finally understand that
there is always something more
when we give ourselves
just a little something less.


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