Poem: Body

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Scribble
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I find having a physical body very limiting
I want to be free from restrictions
I want to be free from conventions
And have nothing to do with earthbound things.

I want to go when I go anywhere,
I want to fly and walk and swim,
I want to be my imagination
And not an observer who is always wishing.

A life where I can shape shift in an instant,
Be the grandest imagery of my vision.
Or be that puny little invisible critter
And command every part of the ocean.

I want to grow out of my skin
And express all of who I am,
In the most outrageous whim
To the gentlest of dreams.

How do I leave this incarceration?
Out of body experience or astral projection?
In a near death experience or in lucid dreaming?
I know I am more than what I imagine.

A body of lust, a body of pain,
A body of lies, a body of shame,
What does one do with a body in chains?
How do you spare a body from doctrinal blame?


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