Poem: Stay Young, Stay Young at Heart

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Scribble
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While you’re still young,
go where your heart desires.
Go make the most of your life
and be free from all kinds of nonsense,
that will make you sleepy,
that will make you old,
that will crush your body
and steal away your soul.

While you’re still young,
shake off ideas that are vain,
dress comfortably
and play no one’s game.
Seize the opportunity
and find your own path
embrace your mistakes
live not with wrath.

While you’re still young,
make homes wherever you go,
live without anxieties
where love is all you sow.
No need for heavy baggage,
carry nothing but your imagination,
no need for special privilege
make your own destination.

But when you’re old
you just have to stay young at heart,
if you want to do it all over again
because some things you just don’t give up.
If you have avoided the unnecessary
your health would have been built upon patience,
and now that you know what makes you happy,
will be a long but delightful walk to wisdom.


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