On Writing: How much are you willing to invest in yourself?

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Scribble
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I remember back in the day when writers were advised not to self publish for a whole lot of reasons. But these days self publishing, especially eBooks, has taken publishing to a different level altogether. I also remember making movies was all about getting investors and funders to back the project and self funding was also a no-no. But with cheaper recording devices, YouTube how-tos and the boom of the one click communications everyone is producing their own films without much hassle.

Creative people are usually advised against investing in themselves even when they have the money to do it because as the perception goes a creative person is not a business person. But these days some creative people managed to chart their own successes pretty well. And because of the incredible ease of the cyber-world anyone can learn how to do it. And not only that, there are also sites that guide you, collaborate with you and will go the distance with you.

I’m sure many of us asked that same question at some point of our lives. Do we dare invest in ourselves by putting aside some money and time for us to write that novel, make that movie, record that album or stage that performance? Are we confident enough to take the risk or should we invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits and other money making schemes instead?

If we can’t invest the money, we could still invest some time for the things we love. But getting there takes a whole lot of love and faith especially if you are leaping from a comfort zone. Time and again when someone asks me the same old, I keep telling them the same old, it’s about how much you believe in it to want to make it happen. 

Question is, would you do it even if it is against all odds? Would you dare invest in yourself and work at it until you finally see it coming together?

  1. LindaGHill says:

    I think it depends on how much you believe in yourself and your abilities as well. Regardless, it’s a leap.

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