Poem: Follow Yourself

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Scribble
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You can’t follow me
because you are you
and I am me.
I may love the quietness
with little or no conversations,
for I am tired of speaking
of a whole lot of nonsense.
But you may like chatting
up everyone and talk about everything,
discuss situations and conventions,
comment on things and share your opinions.

You shouldn’t follow me
just because I avoid unnecessary evil,
and I prefer to walk away
then to waste time in senseless squabbles.
You may want to stand firm on your ground
and make your presence known,
it’s alright to stake your claim
and give your voice a distinctive sound.

You may walk with me
if we are going the same direction,
and you may leave whenever you please,
and you may return as and when
our paths come together.
In that way you will still be you
and I will still be me.

You are who you think you are,
you are your own master
and you can be the best, the worst,
the most wonderful, the most terrifying
person that you choose to be.
But in the end,
you have to walk alone
in order to find what you’re looking for
because you’re the only one
who knows what’s best for you.


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