Mutterings: Perceptions & Deceptions

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Scribble
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We live in a world full of perceptions and deceptions.

We have been taught from very young how to understand things and accept them according to a set of predetermined rules. Our five senses may help us perceive what we know as truth and reality but it is our instincts that can detect the manufactured ones.

I’ve always remembered the ideology behind meat eating as an act of the rich while the inability to afford it as an act of the poor. And finding one’s true love is always followed by happiness that would last forever. That men and women should be different because they are programmed to be that way by nature so it is only logical to treat them according to how nature intends them to be. Men being the dominant one of course. That working hard will get you everything that you’ve always wanted. That life is all about finding a partner, getting married, multiplying and leaving a legacy. That old people are always right and they have only the best advice to give you. That some things are the way they are and can never be changed. The less you ask the better your life will be. The less you think, the less your head will hurt.

And then I woke up to the sound of epiphanies.

I find being vegetarian a wonderful experience and going raw vegan is a challenge for the soul. And it has nothing to do with being poor or rich to be able to enjoy the benefits. True love is not measured by how much we give one another but how many storms we would like to weather together. If men and women are distinguished only by their genitals then the idea is as preposterous as having one gender determine what is right or wrong for the other gender. Have you ever seen a hardworking boss before? They are a rare species. Is going forth and multiplying all there is to life? Now that I’m old(er) I know I still make mistakes and my advice may or may not be applicable to the new generation. And communication is always better than a talk down. If ignorance is bliss then we would all still be living in caves.

Things change. People change. Perceptions change. But why do we still want to hang on to deceptions and make our lives miserable? Is it because we will be rewarded abundantly only in the afterlife that living stupidly at the present moment is truly justified?

Didn’t someone used to say that the earth was flat?


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