From the Treasure Trove

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Doodle
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I love digging through my pile of artworks and writings every now and then to find stuff I forgot I had drawn or written. These are some of the pages I did in 2006. To me, the treasure is worth more than any money can buy because it’s a piece of a jigsaw puzzle from the past with stories to tell. I have a few friends who have their own treasure troves as well and I love discovering their stuff that chronicles that moment of their lives too. Sometimes, they can be found on serviettes, toilet papers, paper bags, book covers,  scrap papers and anything we could get our hands on to describe that fleeting emotion or thought.

If you have never had that treasure trove discovery moment, you should try it. It’s the kind of joy that you will never find anywhere else. It can make you smile, laugh, cry or be at peace and of course, urge you ask that sentimental question: I did that?

Treasure1     cancer

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Your art is amazing! I love the detail. 🙂

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