Dreams: I Dream in Abodes

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Fiddle
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There are four dwelling places I go to in dreams:

A triple story retro-looking house with blockish 70s furniture and extremely large rooms, usually with a few of my family members around.

A small room in low cost apartment in a high rise building with high occupancy where I almost always forgot where the keys are.

A big empty concrete like room with minimal furniture, sometimes feeling like a dungeon or a cell.

A huge haunted mansion with bizarre inhabitants. A tortured three legged horse that guards a doorway or a room, a pool overcrowded with shark-like, vicious and horrific looking fishes and torn drapes or curtains that drifts with the slightest whiff.

These are the places I revisit every now and then in my dreams. It makes me wonder if I live in other alternate realities. For months on ends I get up exhausted and feeling old but when I’m awake I go back to being youthful and energetic.

I just woke up from being chased by someone who wanted to cheat me off a large sum of money (or something important) but I double crossed him when I switched the check (or something). He came like an outraged animal to the retro house and I ran up to the third floor to hide at the balcony and the fear shock me out of sleep. Phew! Now, listening to Katatonia’s The Act of Darkening to soothe my nerves.

    • julyaoui says:

      Hi Linda, it was scary but then again I have new materials for my writing. And strangely, by dreaming them it gives me courage to face all kinds of things in my waking moment. 😛

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