Flash Fiction: Barbaric

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Scribble
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By Julya Oui

“I saw our old school teacher while I was having lunch today.”

“Which one?”

“The pedophile.”

“You mean..?”

“Ya, him. It’s a wonder he’s still alive.”

“But he was a good teacher.”

“Good teacher my ass. How can you even justify that over his sexual abuse?”

“I’m not. I’m just saying he was a good teacher. He taught us a lot of things and I’m sure you benefited from it as well.”

“And because of that we’re letting him get away with murder?”

“Hey, it wasn’t that bad. It was only … molestation.”

“How would you know?”

“And how would you know?”

“A friend told me, that’s how I know. And you?”

“I admit that I don’t really know but there were no complaints so it couldn’t have been that bad. I mean he was only attracted to boys anyway how bad could it have been?”

“Da fuck! Don’t you know what’s a violation of rights? A post-traumatic stress that could lead to personality disorder, alcohol or drug abuse, suicide, low self-esteem and hundreds of other disorders?”

“Hey, the boys were teenagers; they knew what they were getting in to. It’s not like they were raped.”

“Do you know that this bastard lures students to his home on the pretext of schoolwork and then show them pornography to get them excited so that he could sexually abuse them?”

“You keep saying abuse as though he put a gun to their heads or beat them into submission.”

“Fuck, abuse is abuse whether it is done gently or forcefully. We’ve kept quiet all our lives while our friends suffered the indignation and embarrassment of this dirty secret. I want to do something right for a change. I am writing to all the teachers, the principal and to the pedophile to demand an apology.”

“That’s crazy. It’s been over thirty years, why dig up the past? Besides, the teacher is suffering from high blood pressure and kidney problems. He’s an old man in his seventies. Why would you want to make things difficult for him? Don’t you know what’s forgiveness? I’m sure he has become a better man now.”

“Fuck forgiveness. It’s one thing to pardon a person from the crime he has committed but it’s another to bring justice to the people who were abused.”

“At the expanse of opening a can of worms?”

“I want that pedophile and all the other teachers who knew about his sexual activities to own up to the crime they have committed. One is the perpetrator and the rest are the accessories. What’s so wrong about that?”

“Everything. You’re going to upset a lot of people and probably bring shame to their families.”

“Shame? Oh my god. You talk about shaming their families but you forget that the boys were shamed by a teacher they trusted. They were young and impressionable. Full of hope and innocence.”

“Yeah, but the victims didn’t even come forward then what makes you think they’ll come forward now to corroborate your, your retribution.”

“I don’t expect those married men with families to come forward to tell the whole world about their past. Hell, I don’t even expect those who stayed single to do it if they don’t want to. This is about taking responsibility for one’s action it’s not about exposing someone’s dirty laundry. But sometimes by uncovering the truth secrets are discovered.”

“I don’t agree with what you’re doing. I don’t see any point in resurrecting something which took place such a long time ago. Most of them would have forgotten about the past and moved on. If you do this you will bring back all the unnecessary trauma that may upset them.”

“If you know that there is trauma you will know that it never goes away. Anyone who had been defiled before needs a closure. They need to come to terms with the guilt and shame they felt before and find their catharsis. The longer one avoids the issue the harder it gets for them to get out of it. And worse, it may manifest itself into something damaging to their lives.”

“I dread to ask how you know so much. I’m just concerned that it will get out of hand and make matters worse for everyone.”

“The truth, even though painful, will always set things straight.”

“So you say.”

“I’m preparing to write to all the people who were responsible personally but if I don’t get any positive response I’m going to put it out on social networks and blogs. I will give everyone time enough to prepare themselves before they get together for the school reunion.”

“Sounds like a disaster to me.”

“That pedophile bastard can apologize during the reunion.”

“You sound like you’re seeking vengeance instead of justice.”

“I know it’s a thin line between the two. But I know what I’m doing. I’m not trying to harm anyone. I just want to get the truth out.”

“Is it even necessary to get the truth out for everyone to see?”

“That’s the price we have to pay.”

“You are making a big mistake. I think the teacher showed more love and compassion to the boys than the boys’ own families. And that should account for something if you put aside the sexual act.”

“You’re disgusting. Just because you like him doesn’t mean you should protect him and his abomination.”

“No, you’re the disgusting one who’s trying to embarrass everyone for the sake of your ugly truth. I want no part of this and I will speak up for the teacher against you if I have to.”

“You sorry little fuck.”

“No sorrier than you.”


  1. tonyquah says:

    Karma has a way of getting to all
    The children were placed under his care with trust. Trust was broken but not spoken

    This man has harmed many innocent boys, he has to reconcile with his past and apologise to his victims for his wrong-doing .. and those who were aware have to do like wise

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